Gallery Heist

The Premise:

You and your team of accomplished detectives are trying to catch a thief and solve the mystery of our most prized painting that has been taken in broad daylight.


In the commotion, you've been locked in the gallery and must find your way out.  Can you recover the missing artwork, identify the culprit and escape?

House of Pawns

The Premise:

You and your team have been hired by a lobbying firm to infiltrate Senator Frederick O'Connor's office and steal information pertaining to an Asteroid bill making its way through congress. 


You have only minutes to break into the office, locate the secret information and escape before the Senator returns.  Are you up to the task?

We promise you one of the most immersive and fast paced adventures that you will ever experience.


Come enjoy Plantation Florida's first real-life escape room game!  Have a great time discovering clues and solving puzzles while you try to uncover the solution to our interactive mystery, all for only $22! Only the most clever and quick-witted teams will escape. Does your team have what it takes?

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